The petit pub

het Petib Pub bar

 "Het Petit Pub" can be rented throughout the entire year:

  • Either in combination with De Bosgeus, which then serves as a separate, comfortable extra room,
  • or separately by visitors of the Trekkershutten and cyclists, mountain bikers, or walkers who want to take a rest.












A room furnished with tables and chairs for 50 people. Also crockery and cutlery for 50 people are present.
A refrigerated bar counter can be used and stocked up with drinks you brought yourself (glasses are provided).
For 2 euro, you can buy our local bear, which is presented in a specially designed glass.
The room also has a bumper pool, for which you need to request the balls and cues.

A television, computer, and beamer are at your disposal. Also wireless internet is available, but for the latter you have to pay an extra fee.





    • The room can be rented separately while another group houses at De Bosgeus.
    • Per part of the day, you pay 25 euro (8-12 am, 12-16 pm, 4 - 8 pm, 8 pm - 12 am). If the day in advance something needs to be set up, or the day afterwards, clean-up is needed, please take into account that that respective part of the day will also be charged. Clean-up from 8 to 12 am or set-up from 4 to 8 pm.
    • When you rent the rooms, you are given an inventory list. Possible damage is charged afterwards.
    • Per person present, we also charge 1 euro for energy consumption (central heating, water, and electricity).
    • TV, radio, and CD-player are free of charge.
    • PC and beamer can be rented for 10 euro a piece.  
    • Wireless internet is paid for separately. Note that you need to request your code in advance. The price depends on the period of your stay.  

The room must be cleaned afterwards. If not, cleaning will be charged. 



You are provided with the inventory list and the regulations when you collect your key.